Why You Should Be Considering a Multifunctional Printer With Crew-Tech

Now more than ever, buying local and supporting local businesses is extremely important! Here at Crew-Tech we’re locally owned and operated. In 1986 Wayne Crews, a technical engineer for Xerox Corporation for 15 years, envisioned an office equipment service company that would truly serve Southeastern North Carolina Companies. With a partnership approach, Crew-Tech has continuously grown at a steady rate. Many of Crew-Tech’s clients have been with us since Wayne Crews first opened the doors. Only through our products, services, and most importantly our people, can we provide a genuine solution that sets the bar above our competition. Not to mention purchasing from a local business rather than large online operations or big box stores helps keep our local economy healthy.

As any office manager or business owner knows, one of the most important aspects of a
successful business is efficiency. It’s also understood that there are many techniques and tools that help improve that efficiency and one of the tools, or should we say pieces of office equipment that does just that is the multifunctional printer.

A printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine all in one, the multifunctional printer is a great tool for any workspace that is budget conscious and looking to reduce costs while also improving workflow. Here are some other great points that should be noted when it comes to multifunctional printers.

5 Ways Multifunctional Printers with Crew-Tech Can Benefit Your Business

  1. Power Saver/Environmentally Friendly – Again, the conversation boils back down to
    efficiency, and this time it’s in terms of energy. With our line of Lanier Multifunctional
    Printers, you can be sure that you are saving energy because all Lanier printers are in
    compliance with ENERGY STAR®, EPEAT® and ISO 14001. Additionally, with recycle
    and take-back initiatives through Lanier, you can be sure any used products are being
    properly recycled.

    Here at Crew-Tech we also practice what we preach. We have announced our
    membership with the Lanier Eco Excellence Program meaning we have passed a
    comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of our business processes and operations, as well as countermeasures to reduce that impact. Learn more about
    Lanier’s Corporate Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability.

  2. Money Saver – By conserving energy, you’ll save money. But another way you’ll save money is by keeping it simple. Rather than purchasing every function separately, you only make one single purchase. Not to mention all the separate supplies that need to be purchased for each machine as well. At Crew-Tech we provide you with a simple cost per page quote to operate and maintain your machine meaning there will be no unwelcome cost surprises.

  3. Dependability & Service – We stand by our products and services and have a commitment to ensuring fast maintenance and service to keep your workflow moving smoothly. It is important to trust in dependable products and companies and here at Crew-Tech we ensure our products exceed standards and any necessary maintenance is taken care of promptly. If your multifunctional printer ends up having any issues, it’s much easier to get repairs on one machine than it is for multiple machines at different times.

  4. Low Total Cost of Ownership – We offer a multitude of different programs to ensure you are getting the best value for your money and needs. With our lease and rental options, we guarantee a lower TCO than other big box stores. We work with you to find the best solution and value for your business.

  5. Productivity – When tasks are convenient, productivity is increased. If a to-do list includes printing office signs, sending a fax, making copies, and scanning hard copies, an employee can get everything done all in one place in one fell swoop. Imagine the possibilities when production is increased in such a simple way?!

Why Choose a Multifunctional Printer from Crew-Tech?

While multifunctional printers across the board tend to offer the same operations, it’s important to remember the dependability aspect of your investment and Crew-Tech offers just that. But wait, there’s more. Here are some more details about why the multifunctional printers from Crew-Tech are the right choice.

● Error-free prints and copies
● High volume, accuracy, and speed
● Easily integrate with your Document Management Service
● Wireless printing from your computer, smartphone, and tablet
● Directly print from a USB

Additionally, you can depend on speed, volume, accuracy, and integrations that are available with our products.

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