Getting Your Technology To Work Properly

Getting your Technology to work properly can be a great challenge to overcome sometimes. Your business infrastructure has many technology facets to it that can create quite the challenge, you have:

  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Mobile devices
  • Local applications
  • Server applications
  • Cloud applications
  • And the list goes on

You have this big bag of tools that you invested in and every one of them has promised it will:

  • Work like a champ
  • Be easy to use and manage
  • Improve your workflow
  • Ease your workload
  • Make your office life easy
  • Reduce your expenses
  • Deliver results
  • And the list goes on

What you were normally not made aware of is the configuration nightmare that followed. You were not made aware of the technology requirements that must be met for said solution to properly function the way you expect it to; you were not made aware of the other items or configurations that are required to tie everything together and you are probably not aware of the security risk that the said solution creates for your infrastructure.

We have so many easy to download, free or paid apps for our mobile devices which have great potential and could possibly be integrated into your work environment.  So many applications that can be added to your computer or network environment that would genuinely be of great benefit to your organization.

The problem is most often in how these so-called solutions are being installed on a whim without any regard to what your infrastructure is capable of. Firewall ports are opened without any regard to how it impacts the network which can provide anyone in the world with internet capabilities access to your company data. Drivers are added to workstations, streaming data applications are downloaded and allowed to run freely.

Working with an IT Professional (either in house or outsourced vendor) will greatly reduce technology troubles that you are experiencing.  These professionals should be brought in on the front end of the acquisition cycle so that they can properly analyze the solution to discover what the requirements are prior to acquiring them. All too often the solution is purchased before it is analyzed and then handed off to the IT Professional along with a sticky note that says, “make it work”. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 times, having to “make it work” ends up requiring more than you bargained for. So, the next time you get frustrated with your technology not working the way you expected, maybe you should give it some thought and allow the IT Professionals to give you feed back before you click that Download Button.

Getting your technology to work properly is an art form and a small investment of resources spent on the front end, can reduce a huge amount of wasted resources and frustration on the back end.

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