Document Management – The Business Overhaul You Need

Long gone are the days of companies like your needing a simple black and white copier. These once simple machines have turned into incredible business tools that can assist you with keeping your documents, stored, accessible and secure giving you greater efficiency. This is what is referred to in the industry as Document Management Systems. 

When you replace your paper with digital files, automatically indexing critical data and automating workflows, you unleash new levels of productivity and customer service.

Before you begin… you need to answer the following question.

Do you need a imaging system that converts paper documents to electronic files or a software only that provides management of files in electronic format?

Do you have multiple location with multiple people needing access?

What Document Management Does

Document management enables your business to electronically store, search and retrieve documents from one central repository, Instantly access files from anywhere, index and archive critical data and improve search capabilities, automate business processes with powerful workflow, Integrate with CRM and ERP systems and achieve the highest levels of security and control for your critical documents.

Capturing and organizing documents
The first element of digital document management is locating and capturing your company’s documents, whether it’s in physical paper or digital format, and organizing it in a coherent, efficient way.

Providing access and transparency
Using a consistent method and central repository for storing all documents greatly improves access to important business information. With document management software users across locations and working out of the office can now access documents anytime, driving efficiency gains in virtually every process.

Streamlining collaboration on shared documents
Digital document management allows your employees to read, share and modify the same document, without the confusion of multiple versions. Enable streamlined processes for collaboration that improve productivity, reduce errors and drive better customer satisfaction.

Creating a consistent document management infrastructure
A centralized document depository integrates smoothly with your existing applications such as email, accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, resulting in streamlined operations. Reduce inefficiency and errors inherent in working across multiple systems by integrating core systems with document management software.