A Good IT Professional = Savings.

Sometimes, especially if you live in a “college town” like we do it can be tempting to hire and intern or someone fresh out of college to handle your IT needs.  After all, your needs right now are small and you can hire a new graduate for a fraction of the cost of a seasoned professional.

We know it sounds tempting and we sure are not here to discourage hiring college interns.  Interns are valuable and can absolutely save you on payroll budget.  There are many reasons and areas where a intern is a great idea. They can answer phones, be a welcoming face at your front door, handle customer service issues and deal with nearly any problem you through their way with enthusiasm and appreciation.  So why not for your IT needs?  And is there a better solution than hiring a seasoned employee if you don’t have full time for them? We thing there is.

First consider these points.

  • A seasoned IT professional is just that,  seasoned and weathered many storms.  They have watched technology come and go.
  • The right IT person has experience that you will not find in everyone. Many IT professionals are stuck working on one platform with only a few sets of circumstances.  For example, someone that has worked in a company for 20 years setting up new workstations and printers might not have any clue how to navigate a WIFI outage or a phone issue, after all they have only been setting up workstations and installing software and drivers for 20 years.
  • The right IT person would have extensive knowledge in 30-40 areas. You won’t get that from most professionals working inside a large corporate structure with 20 IT professionals on staff.

CW Copier has been a trusted source for copiers for over 30 years.  But during that time copies have changed and evolved.  Much of what CW Copier does today is directly related to IT.  So recently CW Copier rolled out and entire IT Services division and can now assist you with FIREWALLS, WORKSTATIONS, SERVERS, ROUTERS , SWITCHES, ACCESS POINTS,  MICROSOFT SUITE, as well as full range of connection, networks and malware/virus, WIFI and software issues.

If you are looking for an alternative to hiring your own staff, consider giving us a call first.  We just might be the solution you have been looking for.