VoIP Services

Is your company looking for VoIP services? Need to be able to make calls over the internet from employees' computers? Well look no further. Here at Crew-Tech we can help you get your VoIP system set and train you on how to use the system. Advances in phone systems over the last decade have made it easier than ever to provide VoIP phone systems to businesses of all sizes. Recognizing what this reality means for our clients, Crew-Tech is offering you a simplified way to easily transition to a cost-effective and modern cloud-based solution.

Through hosted phone services (aka VoIP), SMBs gain the capabilities needed to support diverse devices, connect remote workers to the office and streamline communications between employees and clients. These tremendous benefits are likely why 86% of small businesses are considering replacing traditional phone systems with cloud-based communications, according to a recent Cisco survey.

Scalable Services That Grow With You

VoIP services are highly scalable and can save you money by:

  • Eliminating the need to predict the future and pay for services not currently required by your business. Instead, you can choose only the hosted services and features you want right now.
  • Providing added cost-efficiency with the ability to immediately scale up or down at the drop of a dime, depending on your specific requirements.
  • Automate the upgrade process with contracted services, so your business benefits from using the latest cutting edge technology at all times.