Interactive Whiteboards

Bring breathtaking displays and real-time collaboration to your team with RICOH Interactive Whiteboards.

Interactive whiteboards are versatile and easy to-transport devices that can be conveniently mounted or placed flat on any surface, making it ideal for desktops, training rooms, commercial outlets and other environments with limited space.

Leverage its versatile architecture to add your choice of controllers for more secure, interactive and productive meetings.

Pair the device with a wide range of video communication hardware, collaboration apps, cloud services and more for two-way interactions and share information with audiences in up to 19 other locations.

Remote Working Made Easy

Measuring 32 inches diagonally, the RICOH IWB D3210BK is ideal for impromptu meetings in small spaces — but it can also make a huge impact with people unable to attend.

With more people working from home, having the ability to connect with your employees or clients remotely is critical. There Interactive Whiteboards have the ability to connect to 19 other devices to ensure your team stays on the same page when working remotely.

Have your systems set up to interact with smartphones, tablets and laptops for additional remote connectivity.


Next Level Presentations      

Lanier D7500_73s_w

Impress your next audience with a presentation they will never forget. The large touch screen display connects to a computer or video source and uses a digital pen or a finger(s) so users can write on the board as well as display, mark up, and save large-scale images.

Using a digital pen or a finger and light interception technology built into the screen, educators can perform innovative classroom exercises, executives can brainstorm corporate marketing strategies, and engineers can modify product designs.

The applications are endless – it all depends upon the software and/or the connected computer in use.