We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all your help in our process of finding a new copier. We carefully evaluated four copiers and in that process we consider ourselves very fortunate to have found you. You have been so kind to cheerfully accommodate our requests for so many things. Your presentation and professionalism in presenting your copier and your company’s reputation have exceeded our expectations. Your confidence in your equipment was evident and you provided competitive pricing.
Our Ricoh Aficio 551 copier is a dream come true. We have been so pleased with its performance. Your special dedication to modifying the paper tray size to meet our special needs has meant a great deal to us. Also your constant attention as we set up our copier on our server to provide direct printer access was exceptional. You were with us through that whole process and made it so easy for us to adapt to the new technology available to us. We appreciate you continuing to check on us, and knowing you are there if we need assistance is a blessing in our lives.
In addition your company has been very good to us. When we needed help with our old copier before our new copier had arrived, your company saved the day by repairing the old copier on an emergency basis at minimal cost. Our church relies on its bulletin and publications, so we are very glad to have you and your company on our team. Everyone who has represented C&W Copiers has shown definite dedication to good service and outstanding professionalism.
Again Greg, thank you for all you have done for us. We look forward to a long business relationship with you and C&W Copiers.

Bonnie Jones (Office Manager, First Presbyterian Church)

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Brian Miller and Greg Crews for their outstanding effort put forth to bring Black River Health Services to C & W Copier Services. Brian and Greg were the epitome of “professionalism” from presentation of the business solution to signing of the contracts. Unlike many associates in the copier business, Brian and Greg demonstrated a high level of caring and went the extra mile to ensure the best possible solution at the right price was presented. Considering our budgetary constraints as a non-profit, rural health series of clinics, finding the right solution at the right price is challenging, especially one that presents a cost savings. Furthermore, at a point where most associates would relinquish all responsibility, Brian and Greg have continued to provide follow-up to ensure equipment is working properly and our staff is well trained on the new systems, as well as happy. Please recognize Brian and Greg for their efforts. We look forward to continued service

T. Scott Martin (Executive Director, Black River Health Services Inc.)

On behalf of the Wilmington ELKS Lodge #532, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of our 2001 ELKS Charity Golf Tournament. Because of your generosity, this year’s Tournament was one the most successful in our history. We realize how many events such as ours comes knocking on your door. For that reason, your gifts are all the more appreciated. Thank you very much.

ELKS Golf Committee

The staff of the New Hanover County Partnership for Children has been pleased with the equipment and service we have received from C & W Copier. We found the staff to be knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and easy to work with. The New Hanover County Partnership highly recommends their company.

Flavia Dudley (Business Administrator, New Hanover County Partnership for Children)

Please accept our most sincere thanks for all your help in determining our copier machine needs for both our church office and our new elementary school. Your analysis of our needs, coupled with your product presentation, has led to us buying a machine for thousands of dollars less than the machines suggested by other copier dealers, but it is a machine that totally suits our needs.
Of course we were led to C & W Copier by the fine level of service your firm has given to our church over the past ten years with our previous copiers. Whenever service was needed, your firm’s response was immediate and the service excellent- we were back up and running quickly.
Thank you again for helping to make my job easier through all the fine support you provide to our church.

John F. Sheehan (Parish Business Administrator, Saint Mark Catholic Church)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff of C & W Copier, Inc. for your recent consultation and installation of the eCabinet at our Surgery Center. As you know we had been researching various methods of backing up our vital records to acquire a more economical means of storage and retrieval in addition to assuring non-interruption of business in the event of disaster as is required by HCA corporate guidelines.
It was only through review of a brochure that was forwarded to us by you that we became interested in the eCabinet and contacted you to arrange a demonstration. The demonstration was arranged very professionally and quickly to allow the Surgery Center Administrator and myself to actually participate in a hands-on demonstration using our own Surgery Center records. This documentation actually allowed us to determine if the eCabinet was amenable to the type of storage and retrieval our Center would need on an ongoing basis and to examine the installation of the eCabinet network at C & W Copier, Inc. We were then able to make a decision regarding installation options for our surgery Center.
The installation of the eCabinet system is now complete at the Surgery Center. I would highly recommend this system to others who must store and retrieve data on an ongoing basis. First and most importantly the eCabinet system is HIPAA compliant. The electronic data can be stored within our facility and networked to allow all designated users access to the stored data on an ongoing basis or located off site and utilized as a back up to vital records. It can be used for any type of business or clinical document/file we presently compile. An entire 30+ page file can be scanned, indexed, and stored in less than 5 minutes. Retrieval can be accomplished in less time and the entire document/file printed if necessary. We are currently anticipating that this system will save the Surgery Center approximately $12,000 annually in off site storage and retrieval expenses. The ease with which any staff member can store or access the files/documents is a bonus making this a desirable system for those using computers on a limited basis as well as those who are extremely knowledgeable.
Thank you once again for bringing the eCabinet system to our attention and assisting us with implementation in a very congenial, knowledgeable, and professional manner. I would be more than happy to speak directly with your clients regarding this system should they wish to consider this addition to their business.

Claudette Canter (Records Coordinator, Grande Dunes Surgery Center)

As or second copier is being placed inter service by your company, we wish to extend our appreciation to you and your staff. We have enjoyed our relationship with C&W Copier Service over the last three years. Your staff is friendly and helpful, and the technicians service our machine promptly and efficiently. Your good service record is important to us, since it allows us to serve our clients reliably and promptly as well.
As the rush of everyday work keeps us all occupied, it is easy to forget the simple courtesies. Therefore, we at Holland Consulting Planners, Inc., want to make sure that we take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you have given us to date.
We look forward to continuing our association with C&W Copier Service in the future.

Cindy M. Anderson (Office Manager, Holland Consulting Planners, Inc.)

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with our new color copier. All of our staff and agents are very excited about using all the “bells & whistles” the machine has. Once we get used to using the tools it provides us it will certainly make Coastal Development & Realty a step above our competition in servicing our clients and customers.
I also wanted to send “praises” to Greg. He did an excellent job of demonstrating and reaching how to use our new machine. He is very kowledgeable, patient and easy to understand. OUr staff and agents really enjoyed working with him.
As a customer of C & W for many years, I can continue to say what a fine organization you have from sales to service.

Furman Melton (Broker In Charge, Coastal Development & Realty)

Life Line Pregnancy Center thanks you for the super deal and excellent service on our new copier. Everyone is amazed at the modest monthly rental for the quality of the machine we received. You’ve both been great to work with. Thanks for taking the time to answer our many questions prior to delivery and then for your patience in training our office staff in using the copier. We couldn’t be more pleased with your promptness, support, and professionalism.
We look forward to continuing work with you and will gladly recommend you and your company to our business associates.

Charlene Moretz (Executive Director, Life Line Pregnancy Center)

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate the attention we received with our new copier. The copier itself is wonderful, and has cut the time we used to take to make copier considerably, which allows our reps to be out in the field more often, thereby saving money and helping us make money. The real benefit though, has been the service that your company has provided ours.
When the copier was delivered, two of your people came with it to train and demonstrate the features and benefits to our local employees. We have had follow up conversations and supplies have been delivered on time and as needed, except one time when WE dropped the ball and ran out of toner. Thank you for your help in that situation as well, again, C & W came through for us.
We look forward to a long lasting business relationship with C & W. Thank you again.

Steve Boggs (Directory Manager, The Talking Phone Book)

I wanted to send you a special note and tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for First Presbyterian Church over the last three years.
Even as our copier lease is about to end, you took the time to call me and remind me of the letter I need to write to start that process. You have always been there for us. From the day we met with you about purchasing a copier, you have sown outstanding professionalism and knowledge about copiers. You share your product knowledge with us and have taken extra time to show us how to use special features to enhance our productivity. The copier you sold us has been an excellent machine. It truly has kept up with our constant use and provided quality documents for our church.
You service department has maintained our copier and taken extra measures to make sure we could print quality bulletins and newsletters on schedule. We are very pleased with our working relationship and value your company’s attention to make our church needs a priority. Our church relies on its bulletins and publications, so we are very glad to have you and your company work so closely with us.
As we move forward, I appreciate you working me to provide us with a maintenance agreement that works with our seasonal highs and lows on copier use. Your confidence in your equipment has always been evident and your competitive pricing ensures me that I have found the best company to work with on our copier needs.
I must compliment C & W Copiers for the dedication to good service and outstanding professionalism. Everyone who has represented your company has been very nice and worked to meet our needs. We look forward to along business relationship with you and C&W Copiers.

Bonnie Jones (Office Manager, First Presbyterian Church)

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you from all of us here at Joppa. I had been researching multi function systems from a lot of different companies, but you were the one that came forward with the whole package of product, price, and professionalism. We certainly appreciate your knowledge and patience in training us to use the machine and I knwo that you only a phone call away if I need an answer to my many questions.
Thank you for your outstanding customer service. We look forward to continuing our relationship with C & W for many years to come.

Jackie Badawi (Administrative Assistant, Joppa Maintenance Company Inc.)